Jared Mancuso is a Phoenix based artist and purveyor of the next wave of alternative rock. Mancuso developed musical prowess on multiple instruments and honed his songwriting skills in college, where he met his first creative partner Jared Bardugone. Together the two formed Strike of The Heart and later The Jared Project, which released and nationally toured 2 full length albums that blended the pop punk and folk stylings of the latter Jared with the bluesy riff-rock inspirations of the former.


Jared’s solo ventures began in 2015 with his first album, A Very Pleasant Person. Over the years he has circled in on his true sound: a mix of gritty blues and garage rock drawing from such inspiration as Weezer, The Black Keys, Jack White, and the Beach Boys. His sophomore effort Superdope, entirely played and recorded by Mancuso himself, was released in 2016 to great acclaim, and garnered him an invite to the Launch Music Conference 2 years in a row. 


Mancuso’s 3rd album, Hype! (2018) has been received ovations and praise in performances with this live band, the Very Pleasant People, across the Eastern Seaboard. Jared's signature slicked back pompadour and perfectly tailored suits evoke a Don Draper meets James Dean vibe and, when juxtaposed with soaring choruses, infectiously intricate guitar riffs, and thought provoking lyrics, manages to build a sexy sonic tension that packs a punch both live and on the record.


Reviews for Superdope:


“A damn near perfect album, top to bottom!”



“If this don’t make you love Rock ‘n Roll again something is seriously wrong with you!” 



“The melting pot of sounds has set the standard for the fun that rock ‘n roll can be again.”



Mancuso’s 3rd album, Hype!, dropped in August of 2018 to and has already been receiving ovations and praise in both performances with this live band, the Very Pleasant People, across the Eastern Seaboard, and for the album itself.


Reviews for Hype!:

"Ultimately, what we have here is an album to make rock-expats come’on home and love rock again. This is the kind of music that holds its genre up, creates a new bar, and makes me proud to do what I do as a music writer."


Jared Mancuso is a one of a kind artist. Blending all genres and the sounds of artists we all know and love, he creates a sound that cannot be matched. In artistry and musicality, Mancuso has taken the bar and set it on fire."

-Indie Band Guru

Hype! was listed on The Ark of Music's TOP 10 ALBUMS of 2018.




2018   HYPE/ Jared Mancuso


2016   SUPERDOPE/ Jared Mancuso


2015   SONGBOOK/ The Jared Project


2014   THE BATTLE BETWEEN LOVE & FEAR/ The Jared Project


2013    A VERY PLEASANT PERSON/ Jared Mancuso