Ultimately, what we have here is an album to make rock-expats come’on home and love rock again. This is the kind of music that holds its genre up, creates a new bar, and makes me proud to do what I do as a music writer.


I'd be pressed to find a finer example of Jared at his most innovative than what you'll hear on "Play False Blues" - everything about this cut is exceptional; it's as single-worthy as damn near every other tune on this record with about half the vocals, showcasing the fact that this artist is every bit as expressive, if not even more-so with his guitar. Mind-blown!


It’s ‘The Jungle’ that really caught our attention within the album, with the sub-three-minute tracking arriving like a bolt of Jack White inspired lightning. Riding some heavy ‘Icky Thump’ vibes, it’s a track that illustrates Mancuso’s connection to the modern rock greats, showing that if he’s not at their level just yet, then he soon will be.


This entire album brings to the forefront an artist with an inherent and unquestionable passion for rock and roll.

-Stereo Stickman

My suggestion is to simply click play, turn the volume to 12, and prepare for your senses to be rocked, rolled, shaken and stirred for the entire duration. If your air guitar is close by, you will be grabbing it uncontrollably to jam along.

-Middle Tennessee Music

Jared Mancuso is a one of a kind artist. Blending all genres and the sounds of artists we all know and love, he creates a sound that cannot be matched. 
In artistry and musicality, 
Mancuso has taken the bar 
and set it on fire.

-Indie Band Guru


"If this doesn’t make you love rock and roll again, something is seriously wrong with you."

Middle Tennessee Music

"Jared Mancuso reignites rock n' roll with his incredible album 'Superdope'. Combining high energy party romps, tender 50's surf rock vibes, and throwbacks to blues, and early pop, Superdope easily puts Mancuso in a genre all his own."

Laundry Day Records

"A damn near perfect album, top to bottom, some tracks are better than others but there’s not a bad track in the lot. And two tracks alone are worth having this album for –namely the title track 'Superdope' and the instrumental 'Mayday'. Other gems for me include 'Roll Over', 'Drive Me Crazy' and 'The Other Side'."

Jamsphere Magazine

"With a true sense of style, Jared Mancuso’s 'Superdope' is possessed with an undeniable sense of joy."

Scope Magazine

"Superdope is a fresh taste of what has been missing in modern rock.  The melting pot of sounds has set the standard for the fun that rock ‘n roll can be again."

Indie Band Guru

"Superdope is filled with rich and complex punk/garage-inspired melodies, rhythms and vocals, all swirled together with tons of high & low, loud & soft, and stop & go contrast to keep a fan more than interested. The end result is an album that is not only technically and musically wonderful…it’s just plain fun."

The Ark of Music